Gann Square of Nine Calculator

Gann Square of Nine Calculator

The Gann Square of Nine, also known as the Gann Wheel or Gann Square, is a unique tool developed by legendary trader W.D. Gann. It is used in technical analysis to identify potential support and resistance levels and to forecast price and time targets in financial markets. The Gann Square of Nine Calculator is a tool that automates the calculations involved in using this method.

The Gann Square of Nine is constructed as a spiral of numbers, with the central number being the starting point. The tool calculates price levels based on the angle and distance from this central number. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Start with a central number, which is typically the current market price or another significant price point.

  2. Assign this central number to the center of the Gann Square of Nine.

  3. The calculator will allow you to specify whether you want to calculate price levels for support, resistance, or both.

  4. You’ll also specify the number of “steps” or “angles” you want to move outwards from the central number.

  5. The calculator will then display the price levels at each step or angle.

  6. These levels can be used as potential support and resistance points. Traders use the Gann Square of Nine to identify price targets and turning points in the market.

The Gann Square of Nine is a complex tool and requires a good understanding of Gann’s trading principles. You can find Gann Square of Nine calculators online, often as part of broader technical analysis software or trading platforms. These calculators can help you determine the relevant price levels quickly and accurately, which can be beneficial for traders who use Gann analysis in their strategies.

Keep in mind that Gann analysis is a specialized and somewhat controversial form of technical analysis, and not all traders use it. It’s important to thoroughly study and understand the principles behind the Gann Square of Nine before using it in your trading decisions.

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